Natalia Posnova

Brian May: "This woman is extraordinary."


Natalia's "Flash Fantasy" reached another ear, namely that of legendary Queen guitarist, Brian May. He was so astonished with Natalia's talent that he immediately posted his comments along with her video on his personal space (Soapbox) on his official website. "I just discovered Natalia Posnova. She is an amazing pianist and interpreter of songs. And I do not use this term lightly. This video clip is worth a million hits. I hope it gets them ... I have seriously, in all these years, never seen or heard anything like this. To see this amount of beauty, talent, innovation and pure bravura in one shot is astounding. You all have to see her interpretation of FLASH. I think we all have to see her do this live some day, but for now ... enjoy ... and marvel" Brian May

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