Natalia Posnova

Queen Rhapsody Trailer Shoot in Russia



Natalia in St. Petersburg to produce promotional trailer for upcoming „Natalia Posnova Queen Rhapsody“ concert tour.

Natalia flew home to record the promotional video trailer for her “Natalia Posnova Queen Rhapsody” with the Mikhailovsky Theatre orchestra under the direction of Valentin Bogdanov. The trailer was shot within two sessions at the studios of channel TV 5 St. Petersburg.

After having hair and makeup provided by the wonderful staff of the ............... beauty salon around the corner from the television studios, Natalia darted (hair covered under her big, furry hood) across the square to begin filming. Day one started with Natalia being surrounded by world-class musicians and old friends so enthusiastic and well prepared that no extra rehearsal was necessary prior to the film crew taking charge.

Determined to get every angle and not to disturb the musicians, numerous cameramen elegantly moved like Vaganova ballerinas around the room, sometimes in a rather thick cloud produced by the very well-working fog machine. With smoke in her eyes and music pouring through her fingers, Natalia gave an exquisite performance through seemingly endless repeats of the same passages to accommodate changing camera positions. After hearing the phrase „it's a wrap“, the entire team burst into applause and the quiet, dark room filled with light, bustled with movement and broke into happy chatter.

Having video in the can, audio recording on day two demanded full concentration, a grueling attention to detail and occasional discussions to satisfy both Natalia and the fantastic sound engineers. Conductor Valentin Bogdanov showed his rocking side, bouncing on his feet at the podium as trained classical musicians tapped their toes and swayed to the rhythm of Natalia's interpretations of beloved Queen songs known to them all. Finally, a voice. The audio was finished and again smiles and congratulations were exchanged.

Natalia then spent the next days with the sound engineers, giving her expert input critical to mastering the final recordings.

Natalia was extremely pleased to work with such consummate professionals. She extends her personal thanks to each and every one of them for offering her their unwavering talent and support. Spasibo!




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