Natalia Posnova


Natalia Posnova, the magnificent concert pianist, composer and arranger transforms notorious rock pieces into virtuoso piano compositions for concert halls whispering with sophisticated music connoisseurs. The potent combination of her special affinity for the music of Rachmaninoff, the influences of her mother's love of classical music and her father's obsession with rock ‘n’ roll has crescendoed into Natalia's unique ability to create transcendent interpretations of both classical and contemporary music, making her the exceptional classical crossover artist.

After hearing Natalia's classical adaptation of „Flash“, Brian May was prompted to tell the world:



I just discovered Natalia Posnova. She is an amazing pianist and interpreter of songs. And I do not use this term lightly. … I have seriously, in all these years never seen or heard anything like this. To see this amount of beauty, talent, innovation and pure bravura in one shot is astounding. You all have to see her….enjoy...and marvel!“  

Brian May

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