Natalia Posnova

Concert pianist and composer Natalia Posnova

transforms notorious rock pieces into virtuoso compositions. It is her unique ability to create transcendent interpretations of both classical and contemporary music – making Natalia the exceptional classical crossover artist!

One of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen commanded world stages astounding huge audiences with incredible music, eloquent lyrics and fantastic live performances. Now, Natalia Posnova vividly interprets the notorious opus of Queen in her own “QUEEN Rhapsody”, a breathtaking orchestral production featuring exquisite classical grand style piano arrangements of the renowned hits that rocked the planet.

Reinventing the illustrious world of Queen, this crossover morphs rock ‘n’ roll energy with classical timelessness mixing Mercury & May with Bach & Rachmaninov. Natalia Posnova’s Queen Rhapsody, dynamite with a laser beam….and guaranteed to blow your mind!





Natalia to appear at Windflüchter Gala Stralsund

Natalia will be performing at Windflüchter Gala in Stralsund on April.22 2023. Playing a selection of QUEEN numbers, Natalia will be sharing the stage with fantastic singer Michael Antony Austin.